Top cities in America that are migrant-friendly

There are nearly 47 million immigrants in the United States, and nearly 40,000 of them are Singaporeans, contributing to the United States’ cultural diversity. Despite the small fraction of Singaporean Americans, you can find many communities scattered around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other states!

From the States’ diverse culture, beautiful landscape, and varying climate, America also provides advantages in healthcare, education, and professional opportunities.

Upon moving to the USA from Singapore, Singaporeans will need to obtain a Green Card through family sponsorship or as immediate relatives of a US citizen.

Here are some of the top cities to migrate to in the United States below, whether it is a long-term life plan or a fresh opportunity that has set your heart on moving to the land of the free.

Chicago, Illinois

Immigrants are supported in Chicago by its policies, making it a great place to live and work. Several policies aimed at empowering migrants and promoting inclusion have been adopted by the local government leadership. This makes Chicago one of the best cities for immigrants to find a professional job because more than 10% of the over 1.5 million migrants there consider themselves entrepreneurs.


San Francisco, California

One of California’s most populous cities, San Francisco, has made a name for itself by providing legal support and facilitating civic participation among its migrant community. In addition to receiving perfect scores on how its law enforcement agencies treated its nearly 1.5 million migrant residents, the city also scored perfectly on how likely it was for these residents to participate in public life as voters or public servants.


San Jose, California

By removing economic barriers that hinder migrants’ progress, San Jose has paved the way to success for migrants. Migrants, who make up nearly 40% of San Jose’s population, have gained financial empowerment and equal access to opportunities.


New Jersey

According to the New American Economy, New Jersey is an immigrant-dependent state mainly because immigrants account for nearly all of the growth of the working-age population. While many native-born New Jerseyans have departed the state in recent years, immigrants have come, worked, and contributed to the state’s progress. Other states must learn to attract immigrants in the same way that New Jersey does if their demographics are to stay socially and economically stable in the future.


New York

Great opportunities await those to plan on moving to New York from Singapore. New York City is a unique town located between the Hudson and East rivers, with diverse people living on a narrow peninsula. The city has put in place robust measures to help migrants, led by a government that considers it a priority to provide them with equal chances. Immigrants in New York have access to legal services, mental health treatment, and citizenship information.


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