4 Items that only International Movers should pack

4 Items that require the help of a moving company for a smooth relocation Did you know that packing takes the significant portion of the planning you do when you decide to relocate? In most cases, you can handle most of the stuff you have, but in some instances, you will have items that are … Read more

16 Things you should know before you move to Australia

Planning to move Australia? Here are 16 things that you probably didn’t know. Australia, the smallest continent in the world, serves the largest island with a lot of water and land activities. The people, culture and diverse environment make Australia the ultimate destination for many people from all over the world. The diverse array of … Read more

Moving Overseas on a Budget

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Secure and Affordable Storage

Moving or Need more Space? COVID-19 has had a great impact on the normalcy of how our society functions and has greatly changed the way we do things. Some of our customers have had to fly back home and leave Singapore abruptly, not knowing if or when they will be back here again. Giving up … Read more

Save Money on Overseas Moves

Choose CM Relocation for your storage needs

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