Who may import Personal Effects into New Zealand?

You may not have to pay duties and GST on household, personal effects and vehicles/craft if you have documents to prove you’re allowed to live in NZ. This includes holding an Australian or New Zealand passport, a NZ residence Visa or permit,or a permanent residence Visa. Some work Visas may also entitle you to import free of duties and/or GST.

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What is Biosecurity and how does it affect me?

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is responsible for protecting the natural resources, plants, animals and people of New Zealand from the introduction of pests and diseases. With more people than ever wanting to visit or move to New Zealand the risk of unwanted pest and disease introduction increases. Pests and diseases can cross our border in personal and household effects, so to prevent this there are strict rules about what people are allowed to send or bring to New Zealand. MPI assess all shipments of goods coming into the country by checking documentation and, when necessary, examining the goods. If risk items are found these may be treated, reshipped, or destroyed (at the owner’s cost). It is important to be fully aware of the requirements, thus it is essential to speak to us in order to obtain up to date detailed information.

Preparing your personal effects for shipping

Strict biosecurity laws mean there are some items you cannot bring to New Zealand, and some other items will require inspection on arrival.

As a professional moving company, we will provide assistance with MPI requirements.

Having an accurate and easily understood manifest of your belongings will help MPI to assess these quickly when they arrive in New Zealand.

By packing goods that may require inspection together, we will save costs and time. If belongings are being shipped by sea, we will ensure that the container meets the requirements of the Import Health Standard for Sea Containers.

Talk to us today to see how we can make your move to New Zealand an effortless one.

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Items to be declared for Import

The following items are controlled and must be declared as they may require inspection and sometimes certification from the origin country.

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