Moving Overseas on a Budget

Cut down costs as much as possible

While the idea of an International move to begin the next chapter in your life can seem all so exciting, it needs to be planned and executed properly to avoid the risks of exceeding your planned budget. Luckily, moving overseas on a budget is really possible and can be achieved without burning a hole in your pocket.

CM Relocation has put together a list of tips on cutting costs when relocating internationally. We trust that this article will help you in staying within your budget for the entire processes of your International move.

  1. Managing Big Ticket items first
  2. Choosing the most economical freight option
  3. Negotiate a good deal with your International Mover
  4. Avoid moving during peak season

Managing Big ticket items first

If you currently live in your own property, try to start the advertising and sale process at least 5 to 6 months before the anticipate move date. If you intend to hold on to the property, then start finding out what the market rental for your home type / size is. It is also important to look into and decide upon who is going to manage the rental administration on your behalf when you are not around. Check with your International Mover how much it will cost to ship your car to your intended destination. Most times it is cheaper to purchase a car in the country that you are moving to. If it does not prove worthwhile to ship your car, you may need to quickly look into the process and paperwork involved in selling a car at the Origin. In certain countries like Singapore, the are complex deregistration procedures and paperwork required before you can successfully complete the transfer of a vehicle. Sell or donate excess items you may have lying around your house. Once you religiously go through the stuff you have at home, and separate them into 2 distinct groups: items that you will use, and those that you won’t, you will realize that there is no point in spending money to ship the items that are not going to be used. It is one of the best times to declutter.


Shipping your goods overseas will be one of the biggest expenses. The shipping cost is primarily based on the total volume of the goods to be shipped if you choose to ship via Ocean Freight. If you choose Air Freight, the basis would be the weight of the shipment instead. As an International mover who prides ourselves on being able to offer different options, we can provide shipping quotes for both options. Once you have the prices and timelines for all available options, you can make an informed decision on which package suits you best. Air Freight will undoubtedly be the fastest way to ship your goods while Ocean Freight can take anywhere between 2-4 months to reach the destination. If you are not moving a large volume of goods then it will be worthwhile to opt for our “Groupage Service” that is by far the cheapest International Moving solution. This method of shipping is very popular among our customers who are moving back to Australia, India, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Selecting the international mover with the cheapest price quote will appear to save you money at the beginning but hidden costs will break your bank bit by bit as you go along. Choosing a reputable moving company backed by real customer reviews will not only ensure your goods are packed, shipped and delivered on time, but also safely and securely. Spending a little more for an accredited moving company will save you the extra cost of repairing or replacing items that can get damaged during the shipment. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a special deal; we welcome negotiations and can offer flexibility on giving you a discount that is within our means, all without compromising on our service and packaging quality. This will help with reducing your overall spend.


Planning your international move during the peak season could cost you much more. Across the globe, the busiest time for moving companies is always during the summer holidays. Most families with school-going children choose to move during this period as it is less disruptive academically, making this the busiest period for most international moving companies. It is also less likely to be able to engage your first choice International Moving company during this period if you do not book your move in advance as most moves are planned and booked ahead of time. In countries like Singapore, where there is no actual summer season, the moving peak season is concurrent with the summer periods of Europe and USA (June through August) as well as Australia (December and January). This is because of the huge expat population and the high number of International schools which follow the respective Academic calendars of their home country.
We hope you have found this guide useful. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your moving needs.
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