4 Items that only International Movers should pack

4 Items that require the help of a moving company for a smooth relocation

Did you know that packing takes the significant portion of the planning you do when you decide to relocate? In most cases, you can handle most of the stuff you have, but in some instances, you will have items that are either large or too delicate to handle on your own. In such situations, you need to reach out to professionals and in particular international movers who have all it takes to handle these items for a smooth relocation. From our local and international moving experiences, we have noticed that many people underestimate how difficult it can actually get to pack, handle and move some items. This, in most cases, leads to disappointments when the day of relocation arrives. To ensure that you have peace of mind before, during and after moving, here are 4 categories of items that you should leave to the professionals:

1. Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are one of the components of a house requiring a relatively large financial commitment to install. The last thing you would want is for them to get damaged during the moving process. Also, considering that most electrical appliances are fragile by nature, it makes sense to say that utmost care should be taken during the packaging and moving process. It is not all about safety when it comes to packing your electrical appliances but also the manner and pattern with which they are packed. A reliable moving company should, for example, pack small kitchen appliances separately from living room small appliances. Again if you do this task on your own, you may not know the right amount of cushioning needed for the packaging and in what areas. These are just some of the reasons why this should not be a DIY task. If you contact us to give a helping hand in your relocation, we will send a team of experienced packers with the right tools and packing materials to pack all your electrical appliances with absolute safety.

2. Antiques and artwork

As much as a lot of the people we have worked with tend to assume that antiques and artwork packing is easy, it can actually get difficult when you get your hands to the practical work. We have two reasons why we think art pieces packaging should be left to international movers: First, it goes without saying that these items are in most cases, a money intensive investment. This is obviously due to the amount of effort, time, and energy people use to develop nice looking art pieces. Secondly, we have seen the value most people give their art pieces and especially if they carry important messages about their lives. So, if you value your antiques and art pieces, you should let the professionals pack and handle them for you.

3. Fragile items

Other than appliances, you may have other items in your house that you need to move with. Items such as glassware are highly delicate and require special care when packaging and moving to ensure that they are not broken before reaching the new destination. Also, since most glassware are expensive to acquire, you would not want to lose their value during the relocation process. A good moving company will pack and handle these items with the care needed.

4. Bulky items

Bulky items need good packaging, handling and loading into the shipping container. Since there are no one-size-fits-all packaging for bulky items such as furniture, it is difficult to handle these on your own, you should contact an experienced international mover for this task. A good moving company will pack and protect all your bulky items and ensure it gets transported safely. Our team at CMRelocation understand the value of your precious goods and we are ready to do what it takes to ensure that they reach your new destination in their perfect shape and condition. Once you contact us, we will visit your home to survey the nature of your goods and assess how best to package these special and delicate items for the move. We will explain to you our move plan, and how we will safely pack them when the moving day arrives.