Key benefits as to why many people are moving to Australia

Relocating to Australia is becoming more and more popular among individuals.

People who have already relocated to Australia have heard that the country offers numerous opportunities. There are many reasons why people move from Singapore to Australia including hearing that the country offers a variety of opportunities.

Australia is one of the best countries in the world to live in because of its strong reputation for accepting migrants, robust economy, many well-paid employment opportunities, contemporary lifestyle, and high standard of living.

Listed below are some of the reasons to move from Singapore to Australia.


World-class healthcare at affordable prices

Australia’s Medicare system offers a wide range of healthcare services, free medical care in public hospitals, and lower prescription drug costs. Enrolling in Medicare allows visitors, citizens, and eligible residents of Australia to access these services.

Australia’s Medicare program covers:

  • A wide variety of health professionals, including specialists, physicians, optometrists, dentists, and other allied health practitioners, offer treatment on the cheap or for free.

  • Hospitalization and treatment are free of charge for Medicare patients at public hospitals.

  • Medicare Schedule charges are 75% for private patients in private or public hospitals for operations and services.



Primary, intermediate, and university education in Australia is free or subsidized. Australian public education has a reputation for fostering high-quality students and learning methods. It is important to note that academic results are not the only thing taught by the Australian education system, but that students’ interactions, learning, and participation in sports are equally important. This system is more comprehensive than its equivalents in other regions of Asia.

Many Australian schools offer bilingual education as well as programs in other languages in addition to English.


Weather and Climate

On most of the east coast of Australia, the weather is temperate, making moving to Melbourne from Singapore a popular migration destination.

There are four seasons on the Australian east coast, with the full experience of experiencing summer and spring blue skies, as well as winter and autumn’s crispness and coolness.

Winters occur in July and August whereas summers occur in December and January due to the southern hemisphere location.

However, if you enjoy the summer season, moving to Perth from Singapore might be ideal. The summers in Perth are hot and dry, and the winters are mild. Rain is uncommon in the summer, although heavy rain and thunderstorms can occur in the winter.

While moving South East to Brisbane Australia can be for those who want longer colder months. The cool season starts from May to August and the coldest month of the year in Brisbane is July.


Australia has cities with the best quality of life

Expats have long considered moving to Melbourne from Singapore because of its arts and culture scene, its top-notch educational institutions, and its easy-going lifestyle.

A survey is conducted every year by The Economist to rank the world’s most liveable cities. Several Australian cities consistently rank among the world’s best cities to live in according to these surveys. Among them, Melbourne has dominated the rankings for multiple years, including winning the title for the 7th consecutive time in 2017.

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