Steps needed to be taken before the actual move to the UK

Are you planning on migrating to London from Singapore? A vibrant lifestyle and great opportunities make London a highly sought-after place to live in. You may be moving internationally for work, or simply resetting your life in a new country. While that’s exciting, moving can still be daunting and overwhelming for anyone but with the right helping hand, you can seamlessly relocate without any hassle.

First things first, finding accommodation

Finding accommodation, whether you’re buying or renting, depends entirely on what your objective is. For example, if your job entails you living closer to the CBD area, purchasing a flat in the prime area will be costly. In areas that are further out but still considered central, prices are still fairly economical. These things are important to consider especially if living within the city and not in the countryside is what you prefer.

Conducting research is necessary before deciding on migrating to the UK from Singapore. Finding the perfect rental spot for your new home is key to your new adventure in a new country. Here are some of the reasons why individuals/families are looking into migrating to London.

Cultural Similarities

Singapore and London share many similarities in their cultures as they are both located in culturally diverse hubs of Europe and Southeast Asia, and host a diverse population of cultures, languages, and nationalities.

If you are fluent in speaking and understanding English, you won’t have a difficult time adjusting when migrating to the UK from Singapore.

Migrating from Singapore to London can still be a cultural shock for Asians, but it’s best to keep an open mind and embrace some of the new experiences along the way – like exploring the different types of cuisines served in London! Plus points for the foodie adventurist!


Aside from checking your passport expiration date, applying for a visa is an essential step. However, Singaporeans can stay in the United Kingdom without a visa for up to six months if they don’t intend to apply for employment.

On the other hand, should Singaporean citizens want to apply for work in the UK, they must apply for a visa. This goes hand in hand with any dependents who intend to migrate to London.

Find the appropriate visa category for your trip. Read more about it here:

Getting Around

When moving to London from Singapore, you’ll find that the transport systems are very similar, as well, because both countries have excellent public transportation systems. While, on the other hand, you can consider getting a vehicle of your own, petrol charges may be quite high.

Consider getting a bicycle to get to work, or even run some errands. Two-wheel rides might suffice for your everyday needs and exploring new places with scenic views, plus you’ll get a good workout!

Should you get tired of pedaling, you can bring your bike on public transport. Read more about it here:

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