Relocate to Germany with these in mind

Germany is an attractive country for international businesses because of its strong economy. Currently, 83.4 million people are living in the country and its excellent schooling system, well-managed infrastructure, and excellent transportation system make it an attractive location for expats to relocate.

There are many factors to consider when moving, especially when moving from Singapore to Germany. CM Relocation has global specialists that have multiple years of experience and knowledge in the moving industry, which simplifies moving for you in the long run.

If you are planning to move to Germany, continue reading about how to migrate to Germany from Singapore.


Make Sure Your Passport is Valid

If you intend to migrate to Germany from Singapore, you must have a valid passport for at least six months beyond your intended stay. To stay in Germany for twelve months, you must have a passport valid for up to 18 months since it can take up to six months for your visa to be processed.


Applying for a German Visa

The first step in applying for a visa is to determine which German visa category best suits your needs. To obtain a residency permit in Germany, you must have an offer of employment from a German company unless you are a self-employed individual.

Additionally, there are important factors listed below to be qualified before migrating to Germany from Singapore.


Have proof of financial stability

Applicants must prove they can finance themselves in Germany regardless of their immigration purpose. Even if you plan to work in Germany, you should have the initial funds to cover your expenses until you receive your paycheck.


Have health insurance

Germany does not allow expats to migrate to Germany from Singapore without health insurance.

Due to the uncertainty of whether German authorities will accept foreign insurance, it is recommended to get German health insurance instead.


Have basic proficiency in German

Before moving from Singapore to Germany, it is a requirement to learn German, well, at least the basics. 

As per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, there are three levels of language proficiency: A, B, and C and there are two parts to each level:

A1/A2 are regarded as basic language skills

B1/B2 as proficient skills

C1/C2 as advanced language skills. 

You must pass the A1 or B1 exams to migrate to Germany from Singapore

To pursue a permanent residence, you need to pass the C1 or C2 level proficiency.


Plan Your Travel and Moving Arrangements

You should reserve your travel tickets, movers, and packers ahead of time. Planning your trip dates and hiring movers to properly gather and load your possessions not only saves you time but also money.

CM Relocation can help you move, pack, transport, and account for every single item you want to bring with you during your big move.  



Migrating to Germany from Singapore will be much easier with the help of expert packers and movers who have experience of over 50 years in international moving. With this, we have assisted thousands of families moving into, out of, and around Singapore. 

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