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International Moving Guide and Tips

Things to look out for your move to overseas

Most importantly, it is to find the best international relocation company for your move. Choosing the right international moving company can make or break the entire experience. You will be better off taking the time to carefully do some research – after all, it is a very long process and they’ll be shipping some of your most valuable possessions.


If you’re moving house and working to get everything sorted out, you’re in the right place! As one of the foremost International Movers in Singapore, CM Relocation has moved thousands of families into, out of and around Singapore. We are glad to share the knowledge we’ve gained throughout our years as an International Mover. Here you will find important tips for packing and moving house, whether you require a full service move or if you prefer to pack some of your own goods. We have also included some resources and guidelines to help you with the move. We’ve also written some articles to share some insights into CM’s approach to overcoming new challenges as well as keeping everyone safe and healthy.


The land of opportunity. Regardless of whether an individual is moving to the USA to live the “American Dream” and start a new career

Moving to a new country depends on several factors, such as your final destination and move size. You’ll need to consider cross-country moving services,

Germany is an attractive country for international businesses because of its strong economy. Currently, 83.4 million people are living in the country and its

There are nearly 47 million immigrants in the United States, and nearly 40,000 of them are Singaporeans, contributing to the United States’ cultural diversity.

Relocating to Australia is becoming more and more popular among individuals. People who have already relocated to Australia have heard that the country offers

Are you planning on migrating to London from Singapore? A vibrant lifestyle and great opportunities make London a highly sought-after place to live in.

Moving can be very overwhelming for anyone, especially when it comes to moving heavy furniture, fragile antiques, and other household goods, the need to

Any moving process may be overwhelming, especially when there are so many different international relocation services to choose from. Using reliable packers and movers

The thought of moving may often be perceived as overwhelming and time consuming especially because it takes a great deal of dedication and motivation

How Can Relocation Services Help in Your Move Abroad Moving can be stressful and relocation services lend a helping hand as part of the

While moving abroad can be quite a challenge, this opens a whole new world and would call for an adjustment in lifestyle. As the

What makes moving to United Kingdom from Singapore popular among expats? The short answer is the high quality of life, rich history, and diverse