Your Ultimate Guide in Moving to Australia from Singapore

The thought of moving may often be perceived as overwhelming and time consuming especially because it takes a great deal of dedication and motivation in pursuing long-term plans. Whether you’re moving because of a job opportunity, education, or an upgrade in your life, international moving services help individuals and families move from Singapore to Australia with ease.

Important Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Visa types

When it comes to immigration to Australia, it is important to know which visa you need to apply for so that you may determine which visa may suit your needs. Working and skilled visas are for those who find employment in Australia, while family and partner visas are for those who already have family or a partner living in Australia, and studying and training visas are for those who have been accepted in an education or training program under the Australian government. You can find more information regarding visa types here.

Working Culture

When moving to Australia from Singapore, you’ll notice how keen people are on getting the day started as early as 8 A.M. Punctuality is one of the most important work ethics to practice because arriving late means you waste someone else’s time. Communication within teams is direct but friendly, and inputs are highly encouraged. As for dress codes, this depends on which industry you’ll be working with, but the ‘smart casual’ look is acceptable in creative workspaces. Work-life balance is crucially one of the things people look forward to, and much like how Australians like to separate work from leisure, having a working lunch with clients is not typical. In Australia, the average working day lasts 7.6 hours. An employer may request more working hours with the provision for overtime compensation; but, if an employee is not covered by a Modern Award or Enterprise (collective) agreement, overtime pay will be determined by the contract that was signed.

Finding a Home

Living in Australia is significantly more expensive than living in Singapore. Factors like living in Sydney and Melbourne have higher rent fees as they are central business districts. A key factor in preparation for moving to Australia from Singapore is having adequate research in finding the best place to settle in.


One of the many reasons why expats look for international relocation in Australia is the affordable healthcare system the Australian government provides its citizens and permanent residents. Being one of the most comprehensive healthcare pioneers in the world, Australia provides both public and private hybrid systems. Permanent residents and those applying for permanent residency in Australia are eligible to free healthcare via Medicare. This includes free public hospital treatment, discounted General Practice consultations, and prescription drug discounts. Several benefits include monetary assistance for those who give birth in Australia, paid parental leaves, and Family Tax Benefits provided by the Australian Government Department of Human Services. Read more about health services in Australia here.


The Australian education system is famous for having the top schools in the world. If you are a parent looking for a school for your child, the Australian education system provides both private and public options from primary and secondary schooling up to higher education.


As you prepare for your new journey in the land Down Under, it is important to start exploring relocation companies in Australia from Singapore. International relocation services assist you in your new voyage by shipping your belongings through land, air, and sea. With over 40 years of experience, CM Relocation takes pride in offering a strong global network with strong attention to detail that has satisfied many of our clients. We provide a free site visit and quotation for your move to Australia, a professional full packing service, freight to Australia, transporting your pets and vehicles, and insurance for your shipment. Should you have further questions, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Contact us here.