How to choose the right international moving service

While moving abroad can be quite a challenge, this opens a whole new world and would call for an adjustment in lifestyle. As the relocation process can take up time and a lot of commitment, here’s a quick checklist to consider in planning your move abroad:

1. Set a Timeline

Planning ahead will help you oversee all details like paperwork and requirements regarding your move. This is so you won’t stress out on moving day and also helps narrow down the things you want to bring with you and those you can leave behind. Ideally, shipping your belongings from a different country takes a month (or even longer). Setting up a timeline for everything to be accomplished until your moving day can help you move with ease.

2. Get a Quotation

While getting multiple quotations for various companies is a good practice, pricing may not be everything. Some companies offer their services at a higher rate and would have quality service, while some will offer their services at an affordable price for inferior work. It’s important to consider the quality of service you’ll entrust your important items.

3. Check Reviews & Services Offered

As you do your research and narrow down your choice of companies, consider taking a look at legitimate reviews. This is a good basis for how services are done. Reviews may also indicate which services are offered. Find an international relocation service that has customizable packages that best accommodate your needs. If you are in need of an international moving service in Singapore, you may want to check out the services offered by CM Relocation. They work hand in hand with you as you plan your move.

4. Certifications and Licensures

If you are shipping valuable items like jewellery, insurances take an extra step in securing your belongings and making sure they are in good hands. Certifications and licensures also give you the reassurance that your property is well accounted for.


While this is a short list of things to consider during your move, it is still important to take the time to do thorough research. We work with packers and movers internationally and have over 50 years of experience in this field which makes CM Relocation’s service reliable and is backed by the reviews of our previous clients. Singapore international packers and movers offer a one-stop-shop solution for the relocation of your valuable assets from one destination to another. Want to work with us? Book an appointment and get a quotation today!