Things you need to know before moving to United Kingdom

What makes moving to United Kingdom from Singapore popular among expats? The short answer is the high quality of life, rich history, and diverse culture. As for the long answers, read on to find out more!

Cities in the United Kingdom

The UK has a ton of different cities that are great for expats looking to start a new chapter in their lives. Comprising of 4 nations – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales -, each has its own distinct customs, cultures, and symbolism. From Birmingham to Yorkshire, the city is bustling with multi-cultural museums, shopping districts, and plenty of job opportunities. Explore and find the city that suits you best!

Culture and Lifestyle in the United Kingdom

Culture shock is a common occurrence for expats moving to UK from Singapore. Here is a short rundown of what to expect from the culture and lifestyle in the United Kingdom.


English is the main language of the UK and is spoken by around 98% of the population. Although there are variations in accents and dialects from the south to the north, with a little patience and a good understanding of the language⁠—you should be able to communicate with the locals just fine! For expats moving to UK from Singapore, learning English is essential. People often associate the UK’s culture solely with drinking tea and eating fish and chips. However, locals from the UK have huge ties to watching and playing sports as well! London is by far the biggest city in the United Kingdom, and is known to be a multicultural and multi-faith nation. You will be expected to respect other people’s religious beliefs and vice versa, making moving to London from Singapore a great choice for expats!


Moving to the UK from Singapore is not a walk in the park. The differences in lifestyle and culture can catch a lot of expats off-guard and requires some adjustment. Being able to adapt to the UK’s lifestyle is crucial if you plan on turning it into your new home. London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom, and is one of the most remarkable cities in the United Kingdom. With castles, century-old churches, and buildings in every corner of this country, be prepared to be wowed by the rich heritage and wonderful architecture you will encounter. Expats moving to London from Singapore will find that they have a lot of access to the majority of the world’s arts, culture, and sporting events. With international events being often held in the UK’s major cities, be spoilt for choices when choosing how you want to relax.

Travel and Transportation in the UK

Travel and transportation are crucial bits of knowledge to learn for any expat. Here’s what to expect from the travel and transportation system in the United Kingdom!


The large and populated areas of the UK have well-developed and cost-efficient transport systems. There are many buses and coaches, and even a railway train for longer journeys! However, one of the most preferred modes of transportation is the railway. It’s considered a safe, comfortable, fast, and cheap transportation service compared to cars or buses. The United Kingdom has a large train network that connects cities and towns around the country. Full-time students and residents aged 16-25 can apply for a ’16-25 railcard’ that allows you to save a third on rail travel throughout the UK. Fares are determined by ‘zones’ and you can either buy tickets at stations, use your Oyster card, or pay with your contactless debit/credit card.


Although the United Kingdom has inter-connected public transport, it is still a good choice if you have a car to commute around. By far, almost every family in the United Kingdom has a car.

You can also drive your own car especially if you’re planning to drive through the rural roads. It has some of the best scenery but, of course, you have to show proper and valid documents to be able to drive in the country. Similar to other parts of the world, this means that your car has to follow the safety and environmental features set by the British government. Alternatively, you can also rent a car in the UK for somewhere between $23 to $116 per day.

Visa Application for the United Kingdom
Before moving to the United Kingdom, applying for a work visa is a must. It may seem difficult (but not impossible) for expats coming outside the European Union. If you’ve landed a job with one of the many approved companies in the UK, you can opt for a tier 2 general visa around three months before your move. For stays longer than three years, a visa will cost you around £1,220.

Here are some documents needed for a visa application:

  • Certificate of sponsorship (from your employer).
  • Proof of being paid an “appropriate rate” (around $36,000 a year).
  • A bank statement that shows you’ve had £945 in your account for ninety days before your application.
  • Your travel history over the past five years.
  • Evidence showing you’re capable and allowed to travel.


Moving to the UK from Singapore could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your entire life. Look forward to a high quality of life, excellent healthcare, education, and entertainment while living as an expat in the UK. Some research and planning is a must before moving to the United Kingdom. With our expertise in international moving services, CM Relocation is here to provide you with quality relocation services to the United Kingdom. Contact us today!