Things you need to know before moving to Australia

Moving to Australia doesn’t have to be stressful and complex. Here are a few things you should know before you move from Singapore to Australia!

Visa and Employment in Australia

Here are all you need to know about Australia’s visa system and employment! Moving to Australia from Singapore requires you to own at least one out of the many types of visas that you can get. In most instances, you would need a valid work permit to migrate from Singapore to Australia successfully.


With over 50 types of working and skilled visas for you to choose from when moving to Australia from Singapore, figuring out which one would work better for you can be confusing. Lucky for you, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs has created a tool to help your emigration go smoothly via the use of Visa Finder.

Getting a work permit is crucial to applying for an Australian visa. Your issued work permit may differ, depending on how long you’re going to live in Australia. On average, work visas last somewhere between one to four years.


A valid work permit allows you to work and stay in the country legally without any hassle. Here’s a rundown of the process you’ll have to go through when getting a work permit for your move from Singapore to Australia:

  • Look for a valid employer who can submit a form of nomination so you can get a work permit.
  • Fill out the necessary forms for the visa application accurately and correctly.
  • Receive a date for your visa appointment once you’re informed that the application is successful.
  • Once your application gets approved, you can start applying for a professional permit to be able to work and live in Australia for a maximum of four years!

Getting Around in Australia

Maximising the efficiency of your stay in Australia requires you to be knowledgeable of its transport system. Here’s all you need to know about getting around in Australia as an expat!


If you’re looking to save money during your stay in Australia, public transportation is your best choice. You have three choices to choose from when commuting in Australia—the bus, tram and train, or taxis (although some consider this a private option). The bus is the most common mode of transportation in Australia. On average, bus tickets cost around AUD 3.30, but costs can vary depending on the distance you’re planning to travel. The Australian railway system is in almost all of the state capitals in Australia except for Darwin and Hobart. Trains are a quick, cheap, and reliable way to travel long distances. Trains are also incredibly convenient if you want to quickly travel from one state to another. Similar to MRT prices in Singapore, a train trip costs around AUD 1.8 while a trip on the tram is AUD 2.2.


Taxis are available to the public, but because they offer a lot more privacy than the other modes of transportation—people consider them private. There are loads of taxi stands or ranks in densely populated areas, but you can find them almost anywhere. You can also simply order a taxi via popular ride-hailing apps like DiDi, Ola, GoCatch and HOP. Buying or renting a car is also a suitable alternative if you want to have complete privacy and freedom of where you go to and from. Rentals are much more cost-efficient than buying a car, especially for expats who are eyeing a short-term stay. On average, renting a car can cost as low as AUD 25 per day depending on the type of car you decide to rent. If you’re staying long-term, you can buy a pre-used economy class car at around AUD 8,000 – AUD 11,000.


Driving laws and regulations differ in Australia based on which state you live in. Some states require you to have an international licence and a foreign licence to allow you to drive freely. You can also drive with an overseas licence in many territories and states within Australia, as long it is still valid and active. On top of that, you’re only legally allowed to drive the specific car that your overseas licence authorises!


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for estimating how much you’ll need during your move from Singapore to Australia. Get a free estimate of how much you’ll need from one of the best relocation companies in Australia and start chasing your dream country! Moving to Australia takes a lot of time and effort to successfully do. However, with the help of CM Relocation—moving to Australia from Singapore can be seamless. Let our family move yours today!