Moving to New Zealand?

Planning to move to New Zealand? Here are top 5 things you need to know

New Zealand is an excellent destination for people looking for a welcoming country with beautiful landscapes and wilderness experiences. Whether you plan to relocate here permanently or just to explore this adventure country for a period of time, New Zealand will not let you down. The balanced working conditions also make this country an excellent option for expatriates. Now that you have picked New Zealand as the place to settle in, you must do some form of planning before moving here. Although you will have no problems relocating to this country regardless of where you are coming from, there are some crucial things you need to know. In this article, we have selected the top 5 things you need to know about Moving to New Zealand.

There are unlimited wilderness experiences

You can be sure that the wilderness experience New Zealand is unique. The snow-capped mountains, glaciers, incredible coastline, beaches, unexploited rainforests and the wildlife in New Zealand will immerse you in an unforgettable wilderness experience. Visit New Zealand and enjoy trekking on the Routeburn and Milford tracks or cruising the spectacular fjords.

Be prepared for any kind of weather

New Zealand is a pack-for-all-weather destination, and you must be ready for any condition that comes your way. In general, the temperature can vary considerably, especially in the north and south islands, while the rain is frequent in the south island and Fiordland National Park. In New Zealand, it is not just about the different seasons, as the weather can change over the course of a day. This means that you must be flexible in your outfit throughout the day and from season to season. As you pack your T-shirts and breathable pants, don’t forget to include a warm hat and a protective rain jacket. When it comes to footwear, you need to pack more hiking and walking shoes to experience outdoor activities regardless of the weather.

Understand the cost of living

Regardless of where you come from, you need to compare the cost of food, clothing and consumer goods before moving into New Zealand. Always keep in mind that like any other isolated island nation, New Zealand imports most of its commodities and hence some items may be relatively expensive for you. Since the cost comparison is a factor of what you generally spend in your native country, you should visit New Zealand’s immigration site and use the cost of living calculator to determine what you are likely to spend when you relocate there.

You will need a car

Currently, the most flexible and enjoyable way to access and enjoy the beautiful scenery (and go to work) in New Zealand is by road. This is because the railway network is not well developed and hence the train service in this country is limited. On the other hand, the road system is in excellent condition and you will find it easy to follow the road rules set there. While it is still possible to use public transport options such as buses, it can be time-consuming to navigate from one area to another, not to mention that it is also limited to certain zones.

Rugby is the national sport

Although New Zealanders love a variety of sports, rugby is, without doubt, their best. The people here appreciate the role this sport plays in bringing people together and as a visitor in this country, you can only support this by watching and cheering a few games. Currently, rugby has been immersed in the Kiwi culture and there are major events all year through. If you didn’t know New Zealand for anything else, you at least know the characteristic dance of their rugby players known as Haka that makes rugby more than a sport in this country. The national team, The All Blacks, is arguably one of the best globally. Actually, New Zealand is one of the few countries that have been able to defend the prestigious world cup trophy.

With so many spectacular sceneries to see, magnificent things to do and a welcoming culture to experience, New Zealand is truly at the heart of adventure destinations in the world. The good thing about New Zealand is that life is relaxed and no traveler should find it hard to cope with the people here. Again, it does not matter what your motherland is as long as you speak and understand English. If you need to polish up your English skills, there are lots of options for you, from conversation groups to formal lessons. All in all, if you plan your trip well and keep in mind the above considerations, you will not have any complications moving to New Zealand.