10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Australia

Australia’s well-known relaxed lifestyle, spectacular natural resources, and vibrant cities make it an enticing destination for everything from a quick getaway to a permanent move. Because they keep appearing on Top 10 charts of most liveable cities in the world, moving to Australian cities like Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Sydney can be extremely rewarding and exhilarating. Additionally, if you still need convincing about moving to Melbourne or any other city from Singapore, you might be interested to know that costs in many Australian cities can be lower than in Singapore without sacrificing quality infrastructure, access to healthcare, or educational opportunities. 

However, moving to a foreign country is a tough task no matter what. You should be ready to deal with the plethora of new things that are out there. Every nation has unique characteristics, and Australia is no exception. Therefore, it is crucial that one has a thorough understanding of the crucial issues involved in moving to Australia.


Why Do Singaporeans Want To Move To Australia? 

According to the 2016 Australian consensus, just under 55,000 people living in Australia were born in Singapore. That amounts to around 24,000 families, a number that, given Australia’s continued appeal as a destination for expats, may very well have increased by the time of the 2023 census. 

What exactly makes Australia so special to Singaporeans, then? There is, of course, the fortunate chance of geography. Australia is more accessible to travellers than alternatives like the UK or US because it is the closest developed English-speaking nation. But there is also the chance to completely change one’s lifestyle from the hectic pace of Singapore to a slower one, all while maintaining access to many of the amenities they depend on and adore in Singapore.

Australia offers the best of both worlds in many ways. You might live by the beach in Sydney or in Melbourne, both of which offer a vibrant urban environment with a laid-back ambiance and a well-established community of Singaporean migrants to make you feel at home. Of course, you could also travel to any of Australia’s other lovely cities or rural areas in search of a bigger experience. You can have fun anywhere in this country because it is both relatively safe and diverse.


Top Tips When Moving To Australia 

Before we dive into some things to consider when relocating to Australia, it is important to note that Australia’s cost of living varies greatly depending on where you are. Even though moving to Perth from Singapore, or any other Australian city may be more appealing because they are major cities with significant immigrant populations,  you may decide that another place is more your style. There are some other fundamentals you must take care of before moving anywhere in Australia. Here are a few things to consider.

1) Do Extensive Visa Research 

Prior to moving to Australia, it will take time and effort on your part to understand your precise visa needs. Before requesting a specific visa, you must conduct extensive research. There are many different visa types available, so you better not choose the wrong one due to ignorance or a lack of accurate information. There are some work permits that won’t even let you switch jobs inside the same organisation. As a result, choose your visa carefully. You must determine whether your position is on the Australian government’s Skilled List before submitting an application. Some visas have a points test, and knowing the status of your job category may help you score higher on the test and get the visa you want.

Before applying for a visa, be sure to receive the most recent information from the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs because visa regulations can change from time to time. It’s also important to realise that since obtaining an Australian visa is expensive, you will need to budget for the associated costs.

2) Healthcare Facilities 

People choose to relocate to Australia for a variety of reasons, including its excellent healthcare system. In Australia, it is known as Medicare and is cost-free. You can use this facility if you have a permanent residence, but you will need to pay taxes that are roughly 2% of your income. The good news is that Medicare is a superior choice because it is significantly less expensive than private healthcare.

However, since ambulance services are not free, it is advised that you get ambulance insurance.

3) Weather 

It should come as no surprise that Australia has a variety of climates given that it is one of the world’s largest countries by geographical mass.

Sydney’s average summer temperature can reach around 26 degrees, while the city’s winter low is a frigid 17 degrees. Melbourne is even cooler than Singapore, with summer highs barely reaching 26 degrees and winter lows hovering about 13 degrees. Additionally, if you are looking for just minor fluctuations in weather, moving to Brisbane from Singapore is probably the best option for you. 

Darwin boasts year-round average temperatures between 30 and 33 degrees if you’re searching for something more comfortable, whereas Perth summers may reach over 30 degrees with winters falling below 20 if you want a little diversity. No matter what the thermostat says, it probably won’t feel as humid as it would in Singapore because Australia typically doesn’t have the humidity that is so prevalent.

4) Taxes 

Whether you are a resident or not, Australia has a progressive tax system with varied rates. You’ll pay an additional 2% Medicare levy on top of your regular income taxes. You will have a tax-free allowance if your annual income is less than 18,200 AUD, but if it exceeds 180,000 AUD, you will have to pay up to 45% in taxes.

5) Worker’s Respect 

The fact that Australia supports workers’ rights is one of its best qualities. If you are unaware, Australia was among the first nations to adopt the 40-hour workweek.

The highest minimum wages in the world are also paid here. When living expenses and taxes are taken into account, minimum wage workers earn an impressive USD$9.54 per hour. Additionally, taxes for workers with modest incomes are not very high when compared to other nations.

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