Importing Personal Effects into Canada.

Returning Canadians, permanent residents, immigrants and holders of work/student VISAS can import used personal effects duty free. Speak to us today and we will make your move to Canada a smooth one.

What are my freight options for moving to Canada?

After assessing the budget and timeline for your move to Canada, we will recommend the the best way to transport your goods. We currently offer the following transport options to Canada:


Air freight shipments are usually picked up, packed and put onto an aircraft to Canada within 2 days of packing. Transit times are about a day but customs and clearance at destination may take up to 4 days.


Groupage shipping is the most economical way to get small shipments moved to Canada. After packing, shipments are kept in our warehouse till we fill up a container bound for Canada. Typically the waiting time in Singapore can range from 4-8 weeks.


LCL, which is short for Less than Container Load is for shipping cargo that does not require the use of a Full Container. When you do not have sufficient volume for booking a full container, and you do not have the time to wait for a groupage container, LCL is the best shipping Option. After packing is done at Origin, your cargo will be sent to our consolidator who sails weekly to all major ports in Canada.


FCL which is short for Full Container Load shipments is the most economical mode once you know that your goods are going to occupy more than 3/4 of a 20ft container. This is because we book the entire container only to transport your goods, there are no other handling agents involved in the process. The container will be trucked to your residence, loaded and sealed on site.

Preparing your personal effects for shipping

Shipping Alcohol to Canada

If you are shipping Alcohol, you must supply a detailed list including type, size, and quantity and an import permit must be obtained prior to importation; duties and taxes apply. An import permit must be obtained from the Provincial Liquor Control Board. Do not ship wine between October 1 and March 31 to avoid the possibility of freezing.

Shipping Food into Canada

Shipping foodstuff can cause extensive delays and additional charges. Authorization and pre approval is required for importing meat. Spices, seeds nuts must be in their original packaging and labelled clearly in English. After inspection, the department still reserves the right to confiscate and dispose of the foodstuff, thus importation is not advisable.

Restricted / Dutiable items

The following items are controlled and must be declared as they may be subject to duties and taxes, or additional checks.

Do Not Ship