Eligible Visas Australia

Importing Household Goods / Personal Effects to Australia – List of Eligible Visas
  • Business Skills – Business Talent (Migrant) (Class EA)
  • Business Skills – Established Business (Residence) (Class BH)
  • Business Skills (Residence) (Class DF)
  • Child (Migrant) (Class AH)
  • Child (Residence) (Class BT)
  • Confirmatory (Residence) (Class AK)
  • Designated Parent (Migrant) (Class BY)
  • Designated Parent (Residence) (Class BZ)
  • Distinguished Talent (Migrant) (Class AL)
  • Distinguished Talent (Residence) (Class BX)
  • Employer Nomination (Migrant) (Class AN)
  • Employer Nomination (Residence) (Class BW)
  • Special Eligibility (Residence) (Class AO)
  • Special Eligibility (Migrant) (Class AR)
  • Independent (Migrant) (Class AT)
  • Labour Agreement (Migrant) (Class AU)
  • Labour Agreement (Residence) (Class BV)
  • Norfolk Island Permanent Resident (Residence) (Class AW)
  • Other Family (Migrant) (Class BO)
  • Other Family (Residence) (Class BU)
  • Parent (Migrant) (Class AX)
  • Aged Parent (Residence) (Class BP)
  • Partner (Residence) (Class BS)
  • Resolution of Status (Residence) (Class BL)
  • Return (Residence) (Class BB)
  • Skill Matching (Migrant) (Class BR)
  • Skilled – Australian Linked (Migrant) (Class AJ)
  • Skilled – Australian-sponsored (Migrant) (Class BQ)
  • Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DE)
  • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) (Class BN)
  • Skilled – Independent Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DD)
  • Skilled – New Zealand Citizen (Residence) (Class DB)
  • Partner (Migrant) (Class BC)
  • Contributory Parent (Migrant) (Class CA)
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Residence) (Class DG)
  • Territorial Asylum (Residence) (Class BE)
  • Witness Protection (Trafficking) (Permanent) (Class DH)
  • Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400)
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